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Our 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge is a process of self-discovery

Fast results, Fat Loss
and so much more

The 30 Day Challenge is for you if:

You want accelerated results

You want to be educated on nutrition

You want to learn about macros

You want accountability

It’s not what you lose,
it’s what you gain.

Week 1

Metabolism Boosting

Our focus for this week is learning! We bring an education packed full week of coaching before we even start the macro tracking. During the first week its not so much about “hitting your exact macros", its about getting into a groove of tracking, setting us up for the weeks to come!


During the first week we see our largest drop in weight as a group and it coincides with the highest amount of food we give you, which is totally awesome. We kickstart these challenges by kickstarting the metabolism. We help people identify the proper foods that are needed to accomplish a metabolism stimulating fat loss week. In conjunction with an increase in food intake, we are also able to lay the foundation for a good base for the weeks to come. Too many programs and “diets” start with calories low and finish with calories even lower, trigger loss on the scale and sacrificing a decrease in metabolism.

Week 2

Internal Inflammation Removal

This week we are in a habit of tracking, we have a routine at this point so its time to really hone in on the intention. Why these foods and when to eat them, fully educational driven.


From an internal health perspective we are dropping the carbs and the calories. Let us tell you why… we drop the carbs and encourage everyone to remove inflammatory foods because most of them are… well.. carbohydrate based. We also do a quick calorie drop which plays off the calorie increase in week one, providing us with even more fat burning! The key is learning and that’s what we bring you this week.

Week 3

Detox and Energy Metabolism

At this point we are in a groove and we are really starting to self discover all the foods that work for our bodies individually. Habits are beginning to build stronger.


This is also a perfect opportunity to stimulate our energy metabolism (carbs) and incorporate methods for internal detoxification and liver health. With a slight intake increase, we focus this on the carbs, the right carbs for your body. The carbs that give you consistent energy and allow you to feel how you have always wanted to feel while eating carbs. The cool thing about carbs is that they also share lots of properties that help natural detoxification, especially for the liver. So we educate everyone on specific foods and methods to use to aid in this process.

Week 4

Lifestyle Balance

Honestly… what is the point of doing all of this if you cant find balance and merge this with a real lifestyle. Diets are dead and we are on a mission to empower people about their bodies and food, to do this mindlessly, intentionally, and intuitively. This final week is all about putting it together, finding the methods that work with you now and well beyond this challenge.


This is also the week we bring all of your macros “together.” We bring balance to the numbers and merge together all the assets you obtained with the previous weeks learning. The idea is to execute your final week from a macro perspective that you would a real lifestyle.

1 in 500 VS 1 in 10,000

January Double Grand Prize Offer
500 Participants. $3,000 Grand Prize.

Our grand prizes structure works like this. For every participant we toss $3 into the prize pool. Typically our prizes range around $1,000 per challenge. This January 2019 we want to take that to the next level. So, if we reach 500 participants, the grand prize allocation will get MATCHED. Instead of $1,500 (500 participants x $3) it will be $3,000.

$3,000 prize, against only 500 people, over a 30 day period? Can someone show us something with better odds?

30 Day Challenge
Starts April 1st 2019

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30 Day Challenge Transformation Stories

Elaine, L.

I dropped 6.2 lbs which I did not expect since I was eating more than I’ve ever in my life—consistently. Although my journey is far from done yet, this has given me the confidence and knowledge to catapult myself into the next steps!

Paul, S.

For me, the most valuable thing is really looking at the foods I eat to see how they are comprised. As mentioned earlier, we all know how to eat, but until doing something like this WP Challenge, we may not all know what to eat and when.

Whitney, B.

This is the first real challenge I’ve done. I’ve done a “Biggest Loser” with friends, but that was just weight loss. There was nothing healthy or sustainable about it. This challenge Has educated me for life and how to deal with its daily challenges.

30 Day Fat Loss Challenge - Early bird discount

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Customized macro’s that are adjusted weekly based on your week-to-week results using Will-Powered’s custom ratio formulations.

Access to 7 coaches, hand selected, specializing and experienced in provide support, answering questions, and guiding you through the entire 30 days.

Weekly workout routines and cardio routines. Just for fun to accelerate results and totally optional. Working out is not even required to get results with this challenge.

Weekly FB live streams to answer real time questions and explain “why” everything is happening the way it is.

Access to our private FB group exclusively for this challenge. Hands down the biggest asset to this entire program. The experience in here is priceless.

Macros are hand selected by Will Armijo himself, they do not come from a “macro calculator”. We do not sell you an ebook to follow for the 30 Days on your own. This is an educational program on nutrition that uses macro tracking to ensure fat loss.

This program will to leave you with experience, education, and coaching that will propel you well beyond this 30 days. You are not paying for macro numbers and a guide book, this is an investment in one of the most successful 30 Day Nutritional Coaching programs in the world.

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