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Quick fixes, magic potions and diets are DEAD. Let's kill the diet together.

Free yourself from the never-ending cycle of dieting by joining the Will-Powered Intuitive Eating Program. Our revolutionary online coaching system ‘kills the diet’ by putting the control back into your hands.

We've got a secret weapon.. and it's not what you think. It's Education

Achieving your body transformation goals requires 3 essential pillars:

  • Establishing optimal gut health
  • Learning to eat alkalizing, anti-inflammatory foods
  • Balancing food intake, exercise output and stress levels

FAST RESULTS focused on Fat Loss, Muscle Building and Lifestyle Maintenance

The Will-Powered 30-Day Challenge is for you if you want:

Accelerated results

To learn how to track macros

Internal health optimization

Engaged peer community

Why gut health has a huge impact on your ability to lose fat, build muscle and maintain results.

Nutrient Absorption

Gut health is crucial to the breakdown, digestion and absorption of nutrients. When your microbiome is in an optimal state, your body can better process and utilize the carbohydrates and proteins (amino acids) you consume, which are essential for building lean muscle.


Gut health and fat loss go hand-in-hand. When your gut is functioning properly you are able to detoxify efficiently. Toxins are stored in fat cells and with optimal gut health, the body can more readily excrete this waste.

Reducing Inflammation

Your gut is the place where health or illness is born, and so this is also the place where healthy or unhealthy weight begins. Many conventional foods in the Standard American Diet cause an unhealthy balance in gut bacteria which leads to inflammation. Empowering you to choose the foods that reduce inflammation is the key to bringing you body back into a state of homeostasis.

Regulating Hormones

The bacteria in your gut helps to support many of your body's hormone production pathways. Optimal hormone balance is crucial to losing unwanted fat and keeping it off long term.

What Brought You Here Today?

Learn more about how our team of dedicated coaches will help you reach your individual goals.

It’s not what you lose, but what you gain.

Pre Challenge

Coaching Week

What you can expect to learn:

  • A basic understanding of macro-nutrition, how to track macros and what they mean for you
  • How to track macros
  • How to categorize and select from the foods you’re already eating
  • Inspiration and motivation from peer community
  • Trust in coaches’ abilities to provide education
  • Value in resources and benefits of the program
  • Just enough to get your feet wet!
Week 1

Metabolism Boosting

What you can expect to experience:

  • An increase in your overall caloric intake (yes, you read that correctly!)
  • Signs of a boost in metabolism including increased energy levels
  • Likely a significant drop on the scale at your first check-in
  • Help in identifying foods/habits that serve you best
Week 2

Internal Inflammation Reduction

What you can expect to experience:

  • Customized macros with a carb intake adjustment
  • A discussion around common inflammatory foods and how to identify your triggers
  • Continued progress towards your goal at your weekly check in
Week 3

Detoxification and Energy Metabolism

What you can expect to experience:

  • Customized macros with an overall caloric increase
  • Quality of food choices becomes the main focus
  • Continued progress at your weekly check in
  • Detoxification principles are discussed
Week 4

Lifestyle Balance

What you can expect to experience:

  • Customized macro ratios are rebalanced
  • Armed with the knowledge of the previous weeks, you’re ready to finish strong
  • Guidance for continued success after the challenge provided
  • Final results are revealed!

Unlock your gains

The lean muscle building program is completely dependent on personal information provided to us. Customized changes occur each week based upon the data you provide at your check-in; ensuring customization week-to-week.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect during the Muscle Building program:

Week 1

Foundation Building

During the initial week we prescribe a well-balanced array of macros to 1) provide a consistent intake to establish a baseline for creating a surplus and 2) eliminate any foods that could be toxic, acidic or cause a lack of absorption. Rule of thumb: if you can’t absorb it; you can’t use it.

Week 2

Inflammation removal + Hormone Stimulation

At this point we’ll focus on eliminating foods that may be causing inflammation. While building muscle it’s easy to eat food quantities, but the key is consuming foods that are actually utilized properly to promote gains. By focusing on lowering internal inflammation we can prepare the body for a surplus of nutrients that will not be suppressed by an inflamed digestive system. We do this my strategically lowering carbs, increasing fats and muscle building amino acids from protein.

Week 3

Muscle Building + Glycogen Restoration

This phase is the game changer. We’ll be saturating your body with muscle developing glycogen (carbs) in order to stimulate your body’s muscle-building abilities. Piggy-backing off of the prior 2 weeks, your body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients will be at its highest so nothing goes to waste.

Week 4

Establishing a Foundation for Growth

The final week balances macro intake so you’re able to continue eating and weight lifting for maximized muscle development. Carbs will be high enough for fueling workouts, fats will be optimal for hormone stimulation and proteins will be at an ideal ratio for building muscle well beyond this challenge.

Nutrition for a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle

The Lifestyle Maintenance Program is completely dependent on personal information provided to us. Customized changes occur each week based upon the data you provide at your check-in; ensuring customization week-to-week.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect during the Lifestyle Maintenance program:

Week 1

Detoxification + Foundation Building

During the first week we focus on lowering carb intake and utilizing specific fats and proteins to help stimulate natural detoxification. This helps alleviate stress on the liver, optimizes gut health, and removes toxins that could be causing unnecessary stress on the body.

Week 2

Internal Inflammation Removal

At this point we want to remove any foods that could trigger inflammation, the biggest culprit of plateaus, fatigue, food sensitivities, and hormone imbalances. Once primary symptomatic food groups have been removed we prepare for the following week of re-introduction.

Week 3

Energy Metabolism

This week is prime opportunity to stimulate energy metabolism (carbs) by consuming carbs that provide consistent energy and allow you to ‘feel good’ about eating them. Did you know that carbs contain properties that help with natural detoxification, especially for the liver? You’ll learn the methodology surrounding specific foods, and how to use them to aid in the detox process.

Week 4

Lifestyle + Balance

This week culminates with bringing balanced macros and learned resources “together.” We’re ‘taking off the training wheels’ so-to-speak. You’ll execute your final week of macros comfortably as you will in your everyday life from this point forward. You’re starting your path with a clean state, and a new found understanding of internal health and wellness.

1 in 500 VS 1 in 10,000

January Double Grand Prize Offer
500 Participants. $3,000 Grand Prize.

Our grand prizes structure works like this. For every participant we toss $3 into the prize pool. Typically our prizes range around $1,000 per challenge. This January 2019 we want to take that to the next level. So, if we reach 500 participants, the grand prize allocation will get MATCHED. Instead of $1,500 (500 participants x $3) it will be $3,000.

$3,000 prize, against only 500 people, over a 30 day period? Can someone show us something with better odds?

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30-Day Challenge Transformation Stories

Elaine, L.

I dropped 6.2 lbs which I did not expect since I was eating more than I’ve ever in my life—consistently. Although my journey is far from done yet, this has given me the confidence and knowledge to catapult myself into the next steps!

Paul, S.

For me, the most valuable thing is really looking at the foods I eat to see how they are comprised. As mentioned earlier, we all know how to eat, but until doing something like this WP Challenge, we may not all know what to eat and when.

Whitney, B.

This is the first real challenge I’ve done. I’ve done a “Biggest Loser” with friends, but that was just weight loss. There was nothing healthy or sustainable about it. This challenge Has educated me for life and how to deal with its daily challenges.

State Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Will-Powered in the media

30-Day Fat Loss Challenge


Customized macro-based program tailored to help you meet your specific goal of Fat Loss, Muscle Building, or Lifestyle Maintenance (that’s right, a customized program specific to your needs)

Professional coaches provide 1:1 support – we’re there for you in real time

Weekly coaching videos delivered to your inbox along with your specific customized macros

Private Facebook group allows you to interact with teammates in a judgement-free, non-competitive, virtual environment so that you never feel alone

Weekly Facebook Lives featuring 5+ professional coaches

Weekly eBooks breaking down need-to-know information for each coaching week

Weekly Check-ins for accountability and adjusting your specific macro needs

Virtual personal assistant so you don't miss a thing (this sets us apart from the rest)

Weekly workouts provided (recommended but not required)

Online access to a Mental Performance Coach

Online access to an Integrative Health Practitioner

Online access to a Personal Development Specialist

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