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Customized programming individual to your goals - Fat loss, Muscle Building, or Maintenance

Coaching: 5+ professional coaches and industry experts, including an Integrative Health Practitioner and personal development specialist, will connect with you weekly via several virtual platforms (online videos, Facebook LIVE, step-by-step tutorials, and eBooks). That means wherever you are; we’re right there with you.

Expectations: Flexibility through customized macros, weekly check-ins, and real-time application practices in a controlled environment.  You ask and we answer. In real time; every time.

Process: Completed in four 12-week phases with each phase unlocking the next as you progress towards the end goal of intuitive eating.  The Will-Powered step-by-step method is designed to eliminate the yo-yo diet effect for good. Why torture yourself with years of restrictive diets when you can enjoy a healthy, sustainable, and balanced lifestyle in just months? Get started on July 1 with the Will-Powered 30-Day Challenge which includes the 5-day commitment-free trial period.

Results: Sustainable Lifestyle Balance + Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Maintenance

Fat Loss, Muscle Building and Lifestyle Maintenance

Over 1,000 transformations

Over 5,000 pounds lost in 2018

98% completion rate

Supportive community

Integrative Health Practitioner

Personal Development Specialist

5 coaches with real life experience

How to get started

Will-Powered Intuitive Eating Program

To get started with 5 days of complimentary coaching by June 30 using the form below. Coaching will begin on July 1.

The Will-Powered 5-day trial period is packed with valuable information, completely free and no commitment is required. All you have to do is show up. On day 5, you’ll have the option to join the Will-Powered 30-Day Challenge.

Challenges start in January, April, July or October. Participants from each starting month will be placed in a private Facebook group. This group will become your team, whom you’ll start and finish the experience with, creating a positive, encouraging and connected community along the way.

What you will get over the 5 days:

During the initial 30-days (5-day free trial included) you’ll be introduced to the foundation of the Will-Powered method of using macro nutrition to lose fat, build muscle, or maintain current results. Check out the topics covered in those five free days.

DAY 1 - Welcome

Welcome to the Will-Powered Program!

Today you will be introduced to the coaches + Intuitive Eating Facebook LIVE with Founder, Will Armijo

DAY 2 - Internal Health 101

You will learn about Anti-Inflammatory Foods and why they are important + Facebook LIVE with Integrative Health Practitioner, Briana Owen

DAY 3 - Exercise + Cardio 101

Learn about Exercise, Cardio and Proper Supplementation + Facebook LIVE with Founder, Will Armijo

DAY 4 - Happy Fourth of July!

We'll share our Holiday Hacks, Macro-friendly Cocktails and the Intuitive Eating approach to social gatherings

DAY 5 - Macros & Meal Prep 101

Introduction to Macro Tracking, Top Will-Powered Recipes + Facebook LIVE with Founder, Will Armijo & Coach Lauren Crider

DAY 6 - Wrap Up (Bonus day)

Building a Foundation for Intuitive Eating + Facebook LIVE with Founder, Will Armijo

Benefits of joining the Will-Powered Program

Customized macro-based program tailored to help you meet your specific goal of Fat Loss, Muscle Building or Lifestyle Maintenance (that’s right, a customized program specific to your needs)

Professional coaches provide 1:1 support – we’re there for you in real time

Weekly coaching videos delivered to your inbox along with your specific customized macros

Private Facebook group allows you to interact with teammates in a judgement-free, non-competitive, virtual environment so that you never feel alone

Weekly Facebook LIVES featuring 5+ professional coaches

Weekly eBooks breaking down need-to-know information for each coaching week

Weekly Check-ins for accountability and adjusting your specific macro needs

Virtual personal assistant so you don't miss a thing (this sets us apart from the rest)

Weekly workouts provided (recommended but not required)

Cardio recommendations

Online access to an Integrative Health Practitioner

Online access to a Personal Development Specialist

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Over 1,000 transformation and counting

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Elaine, L.

I dropped 6.2 lbs which I did not expect since I was eating more than I’ve ever in my life—consistently. Although my journey is far from done yet, this has given me the confidence and knowledge to catapult myself into the next steps!

Paul, S.

For me, the most valuable thing is really looking at the foods I eat to see how they are comprised. As mentioned earlier, we all know how to eat, but until doing something like this WP Challenge, we may not all know what to eat and when.

Whitney, B.

I by far exceeded my goals. I had no idea what was possible by changing how I ate and being more versatile in doing so.