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Will-Powered Private Wellness Coaching

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Achieve your goals and upgrade your internal health with our Private Client option, a tailored program including one-on-one coaching with Briana Owen, Will-Powered’s Master coach/Integrative Health Practitioner.

Private online one-on-one coaching

Take the next step on your journey

When it comes to health and fitness, everyone has unique goalsbut they all boil down to 1 key thing: internal health. Whether it’s to loseweight, overcome hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, or improve your guthealth, our private customized coaching can provide you with what you need.

We will work with you to develop a customized program tailoredto your individual needs, and provide a dedicated coach to give you one-on-oneattention. With this close support and guidance, you’ll gain the confidence andknowledge to achieve your long-term physical and internal health goals, and totransform your life for the years to come.

Your own dedicated coach

Our Private Wellness Coaching is for you if:

You have hit a plateau and need something specialized

You have internal health issues

You have food allergies, hormone or gut issues

You want to work one on one virtually with our Master Coach, Briana Owen

You want to start now!

On this month to month program you’ll have access to our most customized wellness program coached by Briana Owen, IHP.

Briana has years of experience in the industry and is a certifiedHolistic Health Practitioner, adding even more value to the program. Shespecializes in gut health, food sensitivities, female hormone imbalances, andbio individualized nutrition.

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1 in 500 VS 1 in 10,000

January Double Grand Prize Offer
500 Participants. $3,000 Grand Prize.

Our grand prizes structure works like this. For every participant we toss $3 into the prize pool. Typically our prizes range around $1,000 per challenge. This January 2019 we want to take that to the next level. So, if we reach 500 participants, the grand prize allocation will get MATCHED. Instead of $1,500 (500 participants x $3) it will be $3,000.

$3,000 prize, against only 500 people, over a 30 day period? Can someone show us something with better odds?

Transformation Stories

Marissa, K

The simplicity of the check-in process and the simplicity of the plan. It was super easy to understand and follow. WPs food plan was the easiest to follow of all the programs I have done. I thought the food lists were a joke at first but made it so much easier to choose foods to eat.

John, H.

The best things the private coaching offers are the meal plan, giving direction as to the portion size and clean eating.

Katya, S.

WP helped me bust through my plateau and lose 21.2 lb more — and I actually accomplished that by eating more carbs and more calories. I have more energy now than I did before. WP exceeded my expectations! They’re amazing! I’m beyond happy. All the things I have learned will help me continue my healthy lifestyle which I plan to sustain.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching


Your own dedicated one-on-one coach, Brianna Owen.

1 - 60 minute private consultation per month (skype/phone)

Unlimited Email support

Program tailored to your goals

Bi-weekly check-ins with the option to upgrade to weekly.

Customized flexible meal plans with guided food lists.

Personalized supplement prescription

Coming Soon - Individualized Functional Medicine (FM) labs shipped directly to you (additional fee)

Optional Customisations

With our 16 Week Program we offer customizations to make your program your own. Add these options if you want additional support and guidance to reach your goals.

Weekly Checkins - add $99/month

24/7 email and text message support - add $49/month

Limited availability!

Be 1 of the 10 - Due to the customized nature of this program, only 5-10 clients are taken on at a time

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One on One Coaching with Bri

Not ready for the private coaching?

Book a one on one consult with Master Coach Briana Owen

Not ready to join the One on One Coaching program?  Need help identifying an internal health issue or choosing the right lab for you? Want a customized holistic supplement plan based on integrative health practices? You can book an 30 minute ($100) or 1 hour consult for ($175) with Master Coach, Briana Owen.