The Will-Powered Program

Kill the diet and learn to eat intuitively.

Eliminate dependencies and break free of the revolving cycle of dieting.

Our mission is clear - the Will-Powered Program provides highly-effective coaching and education to help you develop the skills to eat intuitively.

Through the process you will lose fat, gain muscle and/or reach lifestyle maintenance, but the end goal in all scenarios is the same – eliminate dependencies and break free of the revolving cycle of dieting. 

The Will-Powered Promise

Provide you with customized nutrition, workouts and support on your schedule. 

Give you access to coaches and community virtually anywhere, anytime, every step of the way. 

Teach you how to choose nutrient-rich foods  that fuel your body by keeping you fuller, longer, while improving overall internal health. 

Provide the tools necessary to break habits and create new ones that lead to intuitive eating with weekly coaching videos.

Continue to expand our resources to ensure you’re receiving the most value.   

Foster a  community for support and motivation as you move through the process.

How to achieve intuitive eating with the
Will-Powered Program


Start by joining our 30-day Challenge

$199 - Start dates are January, April, July or October  
During the initial 30-day experience you’ll use your goal of losing fat, gaining muscle or lifestyle maintenance to master the tools necessary to evolve into intuitive eating.
Includes macro-tracking, customized macros weekly, a chance to win a cash prize and 2 free months in the Will-Powered Intuitive Eating Program

Join the 30-Day Challenge now

Join the Will-Powered Program (invite only)

$199/month - Starts immediately after each 30 Day challenge  
After you complete our 30 Day Challenge, you will be invited into the Will-Powered program where you will learn eat intuitively through a 4-phase coaching system with each phase lasting approximately 12 weeks.

Phase 1 - Intuitive Learning + Reconditioning

8 weeks - receive customized macros weekly to your email based on specific goals

Phase 2 - Intuitive Application

12 weeks - Choosing foods intuitively while tracking responsibly, and Introduction to Macro Ranges vs Macro Numbers

Phase 3 - Intuitive Science

12 weeks - Understanding the science behind your body’s intuitive capabilities 
Bi-weekly macro distribution.

Phase 4 - Intuitive Living

12 weeks - No longer tracking bodyweight, tracking food weight, or tracking macros. Check- in weekly for accountability. Killed the diet!


The Diet is Dead!

You will now be armed with all the information and experience to eat intuitively for the rest of your life.

Learn more about the four phases towards intuitive eating.

Phase 1

Intuitive Learning & Reconditioning 


Phase 1 is designed to teach you what intuitive eating is. It brings awareness to the conditionings and expectations you have built outside of intuitive eating that keep you in a “diet mentality” continuously hitting plateaus and constantly falling off plans. 

We don’t know what we don’t know. Understanding what we should know and what we were conditioned to know are a huge element to this phase and key building blocks to permanent change. 

Finishing up this phase will bring huge awareness to your intuitive relationship with food and your body. This phase is the foundation for which you will build your ability to never diet again. It is the awareness and education they never wanted you to know about.

Phase 2

Intuitive Science 


Phase 2 is the tangible evidence of the belief you have created in phase 1. Phase 2 is the science; it is the evidence that your body can actually intuitively eat. This is a combination of intuitive science and nutritional science.

You will learn all the intuitive hormonal relationships that are taking place in the body at a subconscious level to show you how your body is affected by diets, by expectations, and by conditionings of the dieting world.

In phase 1 you learned WHY you are doing this and in phase 2 you understand HOW it is done. It’s not enough to be convinced something works, we have to dive into HOW this all really works.

Phase 3

Intuitive Application


This is the turning point. In phase 3 we put practice into play - we begin to apply all of your intuitive learning into the real world. We test the theories in real time, we coach you through the transition that is “follower of the “diet world” to leader of your own body.”

This is a phase where we begin to eliminate dependencies and free your mind of restriction and doubt. This phase will change everything you thought you knew about your nutritional abilities and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Phase 4

Intuitive living 


Phase 4 we are coaching you into a completely new lifestyle. A lifestyle free of dieting restriction, free of comparison, and completely free of how you used to feel about yourself. 

This is the most empowering of phases, this is the phase you eat for your body in real time based on everything you have learned and applied. You will no logner be depended on a food list, macros, a diet, or a scale! Ever… again. We promise to you that when you graduate from this phase you will NEVER DIET AGAIN THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Elaine, L.

I dropped 6.2 lbs which I did not expect since I was eating more than I’ve ever in my life—consistently. Although my journey is far from done yet, this has given me the confidence and knowledge to catapult myself into the next steps!

Paul, S.

For me, the most valuable thing is really looking at the foods I eat to see how they are comprised. As mentioned earlier, we all know how to eat, but until doing something like this WP Challenge, we may not all know what to eat and when.

Whitney, B.

I by far exceeded my goals. I had no idea what was possible by changing how I ate and being more versatile in doing so.